Veterinary Compounding


Pharmacy compounding has become a popular solution for veterinary medications. Animals often have the same diseases that humans have but medicating them in the right dose or with the right route of administration can pose a challenge.The pet who refuses to take medications because of taste is a prime pet for a veterinary compounding pharmacy.

Cats don’t like pills, but they like tuna. Dogs don’t appreciate a solution being squirted into their mouth, but they’ll gladly take a flavored treat.

  • These options eliminate undue trauma to the pet and scratches, bites, wasted medication and frustration to the owner.
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Great Veterinary Choices

  • Octa Acetate: Great for Lick Granuloma, will assist with the healing process, “no lick/chewing” of stitches. Comparable to Bitter Apple which hasn’t worked as well for some animals.

  • Metronidazole: Effective against a variety of obligate anaerobic bacteria as well as Giardia and Trichomonas.
  • Kbr: Flavored oral suspension for the treatment of seizures.

Imagine giving your pet a soothing ear rub while administering its prescription each and every time!

Your prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for the compounding of Veterinary medications.

You’ll be happy to know we work with several veterinarians throughout all of Colorado to help handle the medication problems of an ailing or temperamental pet.

  • A quick phone call and introduction is all that is needed and can solve many issues.
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