There is a wide range of formulations for Oncology patients suffering from nausea / vomiting, dry mouth, excessive secretions, odor, wound care, pain, allodynia, seizures, mouth pain, oral thrush, radiation burns, constipation, lymphedema, itching, adult “diaper” rash, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anxiety, and dyspnea.

It is common to use a rapid dissolving tablet, adding extra sweeteners as well as flavors to help mask the bitter taste of the drugs.

Many compounds are also formulated into an oral suspension, a gel or cream, a lollipop or even a spray for those experiencing pain with the slightest touch.

There are many health challenges and complex issues for patients in treating cancer, including medication and side effect management, proper nutrition, rest and exercise. With oncology it is important to understand the difficulties patients may face in dealing with their therapy.

Many of the newer cancer treatments have been developed as oral chemotherapy agents, replacing infused drugs which were traditionally administered in a physician’s office. These treatments offer greater convenience for at-home administration.

Our team of professionals focus on the unique needs of cancer patients and their health-care providers to help our patients manage their therapy and live active, fulfilling, and productive lives.