With your prescription order, Beattie’s Pharmacy can formulate a compound to contain the proper combination of active ingredients, in the most appropriate base, to treat a specific type of wound. We customize medications to meet each individual’s specific needs.

Knowledge and understanding of wounds, tissue and healing have grown rapidly over the past 40 years, resulting in a major change in the method of wound management. There has been a growing awareness that traditional dry wound-care products may actually delay healing.

Treatment of Wounds Without Infection:

  • Phenytoin 5%, Misoprostol .0024% – topical gel.
  • Phenytoin 2%, Misoprostol .0024%, Lidocaine 2%, Bupivacaine HCI .2%, Diphenhydramine HCI 1%, Aloe Vera .2% – Polyox bandage – This is a good base for oozing wounds.
  • Ketoprofen 2%, Lidocaine 2%, Misoprostol .0024%, Phenytoin 2%, Aloe Vera .2% – topical cream

Treatment of Infected Wounds:

  • Misoprostol .0024%, Phenytoin 5%, Metronidazole 2% – topical gel
  • Misoprostol .0024%, Phenytoin 5%, Gentamicin .2% – topical gel
  • Treatment of wounds with pain:
  • Morphine Sulfate 1mg/mL – topical gel
  • Topical morphine is an option for wound pain and is usually requested after minimal success with lidocaine.

Additional Information to Consider: To help increase blood flow, consider nifedipine or pentoxifylline in or around the wound.

* Our gel and cream base are both hypoallergenic.