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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"You treat people like humans in a way that is different from any other pharmacy I have ever visited. My wife has struggled with pharmacies for years, to manage her ongoing prescriptions, and you have literally transformed her experience with medicine."

"Always friendly and professional"

"Personalized service"

"Customer service is excellent"

"Very friendly and helpful!"

"Customer service, and location"

"Always friendly, even when I need refills at the last minute. Goes above and beyond for customer service."

"Personal treatment every time! I feel welcome walking in the door."

"Personalized service"

"We love you. You are always super helpful!"

"Best pharmacy ever!"

"You recognize both my husband and I when we walk in. If I come in without him, you automatically get my prescriptions, as well as his. The reverse happens as well. I love the personalized service."

"The employees are the best in the business!!"

"Quick, convenient, close, friendly, and knowledgeable"

"As stated above, plus location"

"So friendly and caring!"

"Fabulous service, very friendly and helpful staff, prompt processing, and creative problem solving!"

"It is pet friendly and provides medications for our pets too. It's the most affordable for medications for my dog. Everyone is so kind there!"

"Good people"

"The staff"

"Great customer service"

"I feel like they know me, so it makes it more personal."

"Very short wait times for new prescriptions and refills, and a more personal approach to patient care. What a refreshing difference compared to 'big box' pharmacies! Thank you!"

"Great service, good location, easy online refills, great staff"

"You are all so pleasant and wonderful to work with. I am treated with respect and dignity. I don't experience this at any of the other dozens of pharmacies I've used."

"Fast and friendly!"

You can help Beattie's by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!